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What we do

Without access to reliable ecological information about our environment, how can we be expected to engage in sustainable practices that foster productivity as well as environmental conservation?

In response to this question, we at Eco Nerve Network, are committed to developing a network of low-cost ecological data-loggers which can provide deeper understanding about our landscapes. We aim to create an open platform of knowledge transfer that establishes an essential shift; from practices that operate according to an assumption of their environmental impacts, to practices whose true environmental impact can be accurately measured.

Our in-house development team is undertaking the task of creating new, low-cost sensor technologies that are used with our IoT communication systems allowing real-time data to be recorded at large scale and fed into open-source GIS applications.

We envision a future where we all have access to affordable technology that quantifies the impact our practices have on the environment and provides us with the power and incentive to progress productively and sustainably into the future.

Ecological Sensing
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